“Thank you for bringing back kindness to the office”

We talk a lot at work! We use our heads, analyse, solve problems, think, imagine and judge. But sometimes the answers needs to be found somewhere else. Especially when it comes to interpersonal relations and our inner well-being. Mindfulness workshops are an opportunity to step out of the head and connect with our bodies and the present moment. Although we are learning new ways to relate to our own thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, magic happens and we also start to relate differently to our collegues.

Employees are people before employees and mindfulness can help us to truly see each other beyond any preconceived ideas or stereotypes. It can help us as individuals and as a team – and it can even be fun!

“Berit was excellent. Her calm manner and professionalism won over the severest cynic (i.e. me). Her soothing voice, sense of humour and openmindedness all stood out. She persuaded me of the need to do more mindfulness. It was an inspiring, bonding and fun experience” 


Participant at a corporate mindfulness training and teambuilding event 2019, International Courth of Justice

“Berit holds the room very well and effortlessly. Her presence is light and unobtrusive. She is encouraging without being overbearing. Berit knows how to guide relaxation and I have come to remember and repeat her words to myself as I practice at home. Thank you”


Participant at a corporate mindfulness training and teambuilding event, ICC