A Thriving life starts with awareness


Just as about 100 years ago physical exercise was scientifically proven to be a crucial element of our wellbeing, so is now mental exercise. Recent research has proven us, that our minds can be trained just like our bodies, enabling us to live more healthy, resilient and fulfilling lives. Wellbeing, it turns out, is actually a skill – something that we can become better at through practice. We can literally influence the neurological pathways in our brains, improving our cognitive, emotional and behavioural agility. This is great news, because it gives us the power to influence how we thrive in life. But of course with this power, also comes responsibility.

So, what can we do to improve our quality of life? Most of us instinctively turn to things that give us instant pleasure. However, most of us also realise that in the long run, nice cars and good wine does not make us happy.

To us, at Thriving Life, thriving is to feel whole and content no matter the ups and downs in life. Enjoying the pleasant moments as well as being able to accept the unpleasant ones. It’s about having the knowledge and skills to take care of yourself, create balance and find meaning in what you do. A thriving life is not a life of fleeting pleasures. It is about finding a lasting sense of ease and aliveness. Realising this and getting to know how you best can take care of yourself and find your purpose, is not something you do overnight – most of us spend our whole lives exploring it. We have found that mindfulness training is a great place to start. It gives you the needed awareness, which is the starting point for any change we wish to make, and with this awareness comes freedom to choose to perhaps stop living on autopilot and making healthy choices.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Want to learn techniques to cope with the difficulties in life? Thriving Life offers the worldwide known and highly evidence based MBSR in various locations.

Thriving Ageing

Are you about to retire – why not prepare for healthy ageing with a Mindfulness Based Vitality and Ageing course?


Free Resources

Feeling stressed or anxious? Overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions? Worrying about the future?

Breathe…..!! Here you can find free resources to help you calm down and start training your mind to be more resilient.

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