Seldom I have heard such an inspiring story / presentation! So good and insightful and clearly told! Just in one word: wonderful

Marie-Louise Kok

Digital Learning Expert, Leyden Academy for Vitality and Ageing

The MBVA course gave me information and exercises to be aware of daily life stress moments and how to handle them. The course is led professionally, with attention and compassion. It changed my life and opened my mind in a loving and kind way. It is what I want, but could not find. Now I have keys to go on further and enjoy life even more. 

Marty Gieskes

Mindfulnes Based Vitality and Ageing participant, online 2021

8 weeks MBSR course has really awakened me. It was only after a couple of weeks I found my practice was impacting my daily life in a positive way. The most important takeaway for me in the MBSR course was to appreciate and be kind to myself, as well as to concentrate on what is truly important in life. Berit is a calm, open and gentle instructor. The course was well structured. I looked forward to each session. I am so happy that I participated in the MBSR program and I look forward where this new journey will take me! Thanks Berit again I am glad to take opportunity to take this class. 

MBSR participant, Wassenaar 2020

Berit Lewis came to us in UK to deliver a condensed programme for us.  It was a really brilliant experience; superb underpinning theory (the Jon Kabat Zinn MBSR approach along with some ACT), perfectly paced practices and wealth of take away resources to support you own ongoing practice.  We are also now able to join weekly mindful meditations as part of her wider alumni group (red: during COVID). The online meditations work equally as well as face to face ones.  Such a perfect pause at this time when we’re all working virtually.

I now find I can embed mindfulness more easily into my own routines as well as using it with coaching clients and in leadership workshops to help us be totally present and to pause. Right now, it’s a well needed skill.

Jacqui F

Participant in 2-day immersion MBSR course 2019, Coach and NED

I highly recommend Berit’s MBSR course – having completed an intensive two day course I found that it was a great blend of theory and practice and it dovetailed really well with the work I do as a coach, linking with neuroscience and the workings of the brain. As a striver it is often hard to switch off and just “be”, so learning and embedding a mindfulness practice is becoming a great way for me to refresh and recharge and quieten my inner monkey. Berit’s style is welcoming and encouraging and she creates an ideal learning environment.

James M

Participant in 2-day immersion MBSR course 2019, Coach and NED

A real connection with body, feeling and emotions. The mindfulness practices were so much more significant than anything I’d previously tried on apps. A brilliant understanding of the theory behind the practices and application to everyday work and life.

Love your enthusiasm, professionalism and sense of calm and utter kindness. Its infectious. I also really appreciated your attention to details that said ‘you matter’ – from the seed gift at the end to the speed of uploading material, meeting our timetable while in Denmark and sharing so much with us.

Real empathy with action!

Jacqui Fairbrass

Participant in 2-day immersion MBSR course 2019, Trafalgar PD

Berit has gentle, kind manner of teaching. I felt that when she taught an aspect, there was an invisible question mark at the end which encouraged reflection and discussion and hence a greater understanding. Timings were very good, meditations varied, flips delivered with a little humour as well as being instructive and discussion encouraged. Berit felt more like a ‘guide who taught’ as opposed to a ‘teacher’ in the conventional sense.

A very well delivered and constructed course. Berit was fantastic and I would not hesitate in recommending the course. It may not be a immediate life changer, but it is the start of the journey and I now have the tools to make it become life changing. It has also made me realise that changes are often just small steps and that even the smallest of steps, the smallest of change, can make our lives so much better.

Rebecca Naegeli

Participant in 2-day immersion MBSR course 2019, Trafalgar PD

I gained a lot from this MBSR programme, both professionally and personally. As you might expect, Berit has a very calming and reassuring approach to Mindfulness and is able to impart her knowledge and experience in a very positive yet compassionate way. I would strongly recommend you attend – it has the potential to change your approach to life, family and work.

John Fairbrass

Participant in 2-day immersion MBSR course 2019, Trafalgar PD

Great course well structured and informative with plenty of time to practice and start the embedding of your practice in a realistic way that is most likely to become part of your life.


Participant in 2-day immersion MBSR course 2019

As a lifetime expat and mother in an intercultural and blended family I have faced many challenges which have tested my ability to stay in the ‘here and now’.

Recently I was also confronted with a severe marriage trauma which sent me spiraling into a deep depression.

Because I was already working with Mindfulness and particularly with Berit, I was able to keep my head above water in the deepest moments of despair.

As the depression was so severe, I chose to go to a specialized facility. I did this so I  could work through deep rooted issues stemming from a life with many dysfunctional layers which were glossed over and pushed aside for convenience.

As I had already been working with Berit I had her recordings with me.

I ‘virtually’ took Berit with me to my retreat and heard her voice available 24/7! I would listen to the body scan, awareness and labelling recordings constantly. Her 12 minute ‘Mountain Meditation’ was also a life saver.

Hearing her calm and loving voice reminding me to stay present and aware… literally saved my life and sanity

After the 7 week retreat I came home. I started seeing Berit in person again.

Her non-judgmental but supremely supportive presence have been incredibly instrumental in my healing journey.

I still listen to her recordings every day. But now I do it in a healthy and measured way.

Berit is a gift who came into my life when I least expected it….but needed it the most.

My marriage has been saved but more importantly, I’m learning to accept my life as it is and move forward in peace, gratitude and forgiveness.

Thank you Berit for your dedication to helping and healing others.


Participant in one-to-one mindfulness based coaching 2018-19

I´m so happy to have taken this course. I feel like I have gained to much self-awareness and so many tools to take with me in the journey”

I enjoyed the group dynamic and the way the instructor (Berit) guided and led us. Calm, non-judgemental. The pace was just right. There wasn’t too much in each session


MBSR participant, Wassenaar 2019

I found Tuire via news paper article about burnout management and recovery. After some pondering I contacted her and told about my situation. I was recovering from severe burnout and struggling to get back to my work and most importantly feeling like myself again. I wanted to understand more deeply why I had gotten into bad situation and how to prevent it from happening again. I decided to start a 3 month coaching program with Tuire and this was the best decision to make. She offered me great support, insights and helped me to understand my unhealthy patterns. Tuire is warm-hearted, kind and openly shares her stories of healing. The program progressed in an intelligent way so that it was easy to develop a mindfulness practice, reflect on the insights and (re)discover oneself. I found good ways to handle stress and deal with difficulties by understanding myself better. Most importantly, I began to trust myself again. Thank you Tuire for everything!


PhD Candidate

The 8 week MBSR course helped me to understand better my brain and biology. My awareness has grown thanks to the tools we learned at class. I also enjoyed the group setting very much, always a kind and welcoming atmosphere!

I recommend!



I enjoyed tremendously the Mindful meditation classes at Unilever. Tuire has an amazing way of leading the class and all she says even before and after the practise is so warm and re-ensuring that you find yourself more relaxed and it is very helpful.



I met Tuire at a Mindfulness class, after a re-lapse of my burn-out. I was a total mess, not having the energy to even take a proper breath. Few days later I met with her for a coffee and shared my story and my “blues”. She connected with me right away and encouraged me that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” trying to share with me her experience and learnings.

I realized that she is not only one of the best persons and souls I’ve ever met, but a deeply spirited and very generous friend, who is there for you when you need it most.

In one of our first sessions she helped me overcome my childhood pains, and be at peace with my past.

Now we are working to see “who the real Doina is”, “what does she love to do”, “what makes her happy” and how to bring all this to life in a meaningfull and happy way for a better future.

I love this journey and I know if I ever get to the end of it, I will hold Tuire as one of my best friends, the one who was able to take me out of the darkest and biggest hole I’ve been in my life. I will be grateful to her forever!



Reviews from Virtual Launch of the book Ageing Upwards in corporation with Rest Less

Reviews from Virtual Launch of the book Ageing Upwards in corporation with Rest Less

I feel that I have a whole new approach to life with mindfulness, I try to use it all the time and I am calmer and more in control of my thoughts.

Participant, Mindfulness Based Vitality & Ageing online 2021

This was a very well delivered course, with a good pace and content. The resources were excellent and access easy – it was like having an online personal library. There was a good balance of teaching, discussion, reflection and mindfulness and the tasks in between sessions enhanced our learning. It focused on the issues of vitality and aging and would be of interest to anyone wishing to explore how to develop coping strategies.

Participant, Mindfulness Based Vitality & Ageing online 2021

The course has given me a better quality of life

Participant, Mindfulness Based Vitality & Ageing online 2021

Thanks for giving me the present of mindfulness. I will profit from it the rest of my life and I will be able to share it with others. A multiplying effect to make this a better world. 

Maria Estrada

Participant, Mindfulness Based Vitality & Ageing online 2021

Berit and Tuire came to our office to introduce us to mindfulness. This moving intro inspired more than half of the participants to sign up for the eight-week MBSR course given by Berit.

The main goal was to learn how we can use mindfulness to channel stress and anxiety. We wanted to know how to improve our general well-being and how we could further facilitate a supportive, creative and productive work environment.
Berit is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of mindfulness. By providing us with a good mix of background information and practical exercises, Berit made us aware of the connection between mind and body. We also appreciated that she showed us how to bring mindfulness into our day-to-day lives.
Berit created a safe environment in which people were sharing personal experiences. Berit adjusted to the needs of the group or individual participants without losing track of the overall learning goals.
Here are some quotes inspired by the course:
“Berit gave me interesting insights into my life, and I already started to make changes.”
“I learnt some practical examples of how to deal with difficult times in life.”
“My favourite quote from the course was: We’re human beings, not human doings.”
In summary, the course was a success for our organisation. This was a good first dive into the world of mindfulness, and we are planning to continue our relationship with Thriving Life.

Review of workshops and MBSR courses spring 2019

“Berit was excellent. Her calm manner and professionalism won over the severest cynic (i.e. me). Her soothing voice, sense of humour and openmindedness all stood out. She persuaded me of the need to do more mindfulness. It was an inspiring, bonding and fun experience” 


Participant at a corporate mindfulness training and teambuilding event 2019

“Berit holds the room very well and effortlessly. Her presence is light and unobtrusive. She is encouraging without being overbearing. Berit knows how to guide relaxation and I have come to remember and repeat her words to myself as I practice at home. Thank you”


Participant at a corporate mindfulness training and teambuilding event

I absolutely enjoyed EVERYTHING about the MBSR course. Just right mixture of theory, practice, embodiment exercise. What made the delivery perfect, in my view, was the excellent communication skills (oral, written, body language, tone of voice) or the trainer (Berit). Also the absence of judgement of the trainer.


MBSR Participant, Wassenaar 2019

It was a course I really needed as I went through a tough journey. I decided to face the challenges instead of avoiding them! This course by Tuire was a great help for me to love, accept and love myself. Week after week I was more mindful and aware of my thoughts and emotions. Tuire is amazing, such a pure calming soul… led the sessions smoothly and effectively!



I started this 8-week one-to-one mindfulness course to help me deal with some difficulties in facing an imminent change. About halfway through the course, I began to see some rather big differences in my daily life in the way I approached my thoughts and feelings in that I had become much more accepting towards myself. Thanks to Berit and her one-to-one course I now feel prepared to face this big change and actually feel prepared to face a lot of different difficult moments. Berit is very kind and understanding and provides you with a skill set that you can use in a variety of situations to help you be more mindful. I love having learned to live more mindfully and I am excited to continue building on what I have learned! Thank you so much, Berit!



When I signed up for the 8 week MBSR course I was not sure what to expect but my intuition was right, this was exactly what I needed. With the help of this course I have learned to set up a regular meditation practise, something I wanted to do for a long time. I have also learned more about self-acceptance, compassion and what are my coping mechanisms during challenging, stressfull times. I feel confident that after this course I have a good toolkit to manage stress in the future. Highly recommend to everyone!



I had mindfulness classes with Tuire when I was working in Rotterdam and being under a lot of stress. She was amazingly helpful, and she made me discover meditation, my new healthy routine.

I strongly recommend to give it a try, you won’t regret it!



I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it to be very effective at providing the knowledge and tools for how to live a more fulfilled and mindful life. Berit is an excellent teacher and has an extremely effective way of guiding her participants through the course material!


This is a great MBSR course with a very loving and kind teacher. I really learned a lot during the 8 weeks and I am much more mindful than I was before the course. I would recommend this course with Berit at Bloom to everybody who wants to have tools to survive times of stress or who just wants to be more mindful. I would absolutely do this course with Berit again. So don’t doubt and go for it!! Greetz


The course was fantastic, and I will recommend it to lots of friends! Mindfulness truly helps you get in touch with your inner self PLUS the world around you; it shows you how to observe outward, focus inward (with deep breathing), and allows yourself to meld the two together. It’s very Taoist to me, the essence of accepting who you are in the world you live in. A wonderful self-journey.


A course worth the personal investment. I learned methods to help me cope with day to day challenges and pressures. In this course I felt I was part of a small family, and I was in a safe haven.


Berit delivered two workshop sessions where she gave a solid understanding of mindfulness and how to practice it through exercises. Berit is an experienced teacher who understands how to engage her audience and communicate a complex topic. It has been a pleasure working with Berit and we can recommend her as a speaker and teacher of mindfulness.


Thank you for an inspiring workshop and for sharing great ideas about how to live a more meaningfull, happy life.


I got a lot of positive energy and was able to clear out the fog in my mind