Stress is part of our modern life. No matter what you do on a daily basis, whether you are amidst the pressures of the corporate world or a stay at home parent, none of us are immune to the stressors that our current, high pace lifestyle inflicts on us. We live in a 24/7 connected world that doesn’t naturally give us many chances to disconnect and recharge.

Stress comes in many shapes and forms. It can be work-related but also related to health, relationship or personal life. Existential stress is another form, where we lack a sense of meaning, worthiness and sense of direction.

Learning to thrive instead of survive

No matter what the stressor, the stress response in our body is the same. In fact, the stress response is exactly the same as it was when we were fighting for our lives as hunter-gatherers. Evolution gave us a stress-reaction system that sends our brain and body into a fight, flight or freeze reaction whenever threats in our environment are detected. This reaction is still crucial for our survival, but it is also triggered when we have deadlines to meet and goals to achieve. The problem is that it has gone haywire and we are not allowing our nervous system to calm down in between the perceived threats. Today, there might not be many immediate threats in our environment that are a risk for our survival, but our brains are on a constant lookout for potential threats; a look from our boss as he passes by or a mole in our arm that suddenly appeared.

Our brains tend to overreact to incoming stimulus and in order to manage our stress, and not allow stress to manage us, we need to train our minds to recognize our stress patterns and learn ways to calm down our brain and body.

As one of our core services at Thriving Life we teach ways to manage stress. Mindfulness has been identified as one of the most effective ways to create resilience against stress. Mindfulness is not a quick fix, but it gives us skills and a lifelong attitude and mindset that allows us to better handle any kinds of adversities that life might throw at us.

If you suffer from stress or stress related anxiety or depression we invite you to look into the upcoming mindfulness courses we offer or to get in touch directly with us so we can discuss what might be the best approach to your needs.


Are things getting out of hand and your energy levels are diminishing? Is life starting to feel overwhelming, does tasks seem unmanageable? Do you have difficulty in finding joy and excitement from your work or life? Do you notice your memory and productivity decreasing? Is it difficult to get things done? Are your emotions drastically changing? Do you feel that you are not in control of your life anymore?

The above are all typical signs of burnout or a developing burnout. If you recognize yourself in the above, find support before the situation becomes more serious.

With deep personal and professional experience we can help you find balance in life and recover back to living a fulfilling and energetic life. Everyone’s recovery is different, but it’s important to find ways to connect with ourselves. Often the reason we end up in a burnout is because we have not listened to our own needs.

In our burnout recovery work we use mindfulness as the basis, but we also look into values and strengths. We can also use yoga as a recovery technique and together we can bring back confidence and balance in life.

If you wish to know more or discuss what we could do together, please connect with Tuire at Thriving Life: or 06-15426766.

Burnout Support for Organizations

Burnout is unfortunately becoming more common. Fast pace and high demands at work are a lot for all of us to handle and people often lack the skills to manage the increasing pressures. Challenges on a personal level can also deplete our resilience which effects our work. It’s not realistic to think that stress and change would suddenly decrease and demands would get easier.  What each of us can do is to learn skills to manage stress and change more effectively, in other words to become more resilient.

Thriving Life offers corporate workshops and trainings for employees to learn skills that can help build resilience and ability to manage stress more effectively.

We also train managers and organisations to understand and prevent, or manage burnout more skillfully if it has occurred already.


Please connect with us and we can discuss how to create a suitable training or workshop for your needs,

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