Working together towards thriving and inclusive work environments

Featured Talk:

Diverse, not Divided 

The mindful way to inclusion

Are you a boomer or zoomer? We all love to make sense of a complicated world by placing ourselves and others into boxes. But stereotyping of any kind hinders corporation and innovation in organizations and limits the well-being and potential of the individual. The solution? It starts with awareness and ends with re-wiring our inner patterns of thoughts.

Ideal for:

  • Organisations challenged by coorporation across ages.
  • Organisations facing the changing demographics.
  • Teams looking to build stronger relationships focusing on we rather than me.
  • Anyone looking to stop internalised stereotypes limitting them.
  • Anyone wanting to support a more inclusive and compassionate work-environment.

“I love your enthusiasm, professionalism and sense of calm and utter kindness. Its infectious. I also really appreciated your attention to details that said ‘you matter’ – from the seed gift at the end to the speed of uploading material, meeting our timetable and sharing so much with us. Real empathy with action!” Jacqui Fairbrass, Leadership coach and founder of Trafalgar Personal Development Ltd

Berit Lewis, the founder of Thriving Life, is an experienced, inspirational and engaged speaker. Rather than speaking on a cognitive level alone, she makes her audience listen and feel their bodies. She is using her knowledge and experience of mindfulness as a way to explore various of ways to improve our lives and workplaces. No matter the topic, she makes sure the listeners walk away with some easy-to-use hand-on-tools they can implement in their daily lives immediately.

Some of the organisations Berit has spoken to includes Atradius, RIPE NCC, Shell, International Court of Justice, the Finnish Embassy and The American School of the Hague.


Topics Include

  • A mindful preparation for (semi)retirement
  • Mindfulness beyond MacMindfulness
  • Embrace your age – how to stop striving for youth and live in the present moment
  • Don’t let your inner ageist limit your opportunities
  • How to bring kindness into your organisation
  • Why self-compassion is the new black

Learning by doing

Berit creates a program according to your needs and desires. As mindfulness cannot be understood by our intellect alone, Berit will always involve guided meditations, which can be as short as 5 min or longer.

Each topic can be:

  • Expanded into a half or full-day workshop or training session
  • Presented virtually


Berit is an experienced teacher who understands how to engage her audience and communicate a complex topic. It has been a pleasure working with Berit and we can recommend her as a speaker and teacher of mindfulness. SHELL, THE OUTPOST

“Berit was excellent. Her calm manner and professionalism won over the severest cynic (i.e. me). Her soothing voice, sense of humour and openmindedness all stood out. She persuaded me of the need to do more mindfulness. It was an inspiring, bonding and fun experience” ICC

Berit is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of mindfulness. By providing us with a good mix of background information and practical exercises, Berit made us aware of the connection between mind and body. We also appreciated that she showed us how to bring mindfulness into our day-to-day lives. Berit created a safe environment in which people were sharing personal experiences. Berit adjusted to the needs of the group or individual participants without losing track of the overall learning goals. RIPE NCC