Berit Lewis is an experienced, inspirational and engaged speaker and moderator.

She speaks passionately about how we can change the outer world through inner awareness and skill.

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“Seldom I have heard such an inspiring presentation! So good and insightful and clearly told! Just in one word: wonderful”

Marie-Louise Kok, Leyden Academy for Vitality and Ageing

Why should you collaborate with Berit Lewis for your upcoming event? 

Be inspired by her passion & patience:

  • Mindfulness doesn’t offer you a quick fix to the challenges of life, but it is a sustainable way to improve wellbeing and resilience. Berit´s passion, patience and support helps individuals and corporations overcome the challenges and set-backs that comes with changing habits of thoughts and behaviour. There are no pointed fingers or judgements. She has experienced the transformation herself and seen many of her clients flourish by patiently taking one kind breath at the time.

She involves your HEAD, HEART and BODY:

  • Rather than speaking on a cognitive level alone, Berit makes her audience listen and feel their bodies as well as connect with their values and purpose.

Her talks are Practical

  • Whether it is an hours talk or a longer workshop or course, Berit makes sure the listeners walk away with some easy-to-use hands-on-tools they can implement in their daily lives immediately. As mindfulness cannot be understood by our intellect alone, Berit will always involve guided meditations, which can be as short as 5 min or much longer.

Everything is Customisable

  • No size fits all. Luckily the ways of learning mindfulness can be adjusted to any needs, schedules and budgets. Each topic can be expanded into a half or full-day workshop or training session and can be done either in person or virtual.


A selection of companies that Berit Lewis already had impactful collaborations with…



European Patent Office –  Atradius – RIPE NCC – Shell – International Court of Justice –

the Finnish Embassy – The American School of the Hague.


Moderator at the Ageing Fit Conference, Lille, France 2024

Speaker at Radical Health Festival, Helsinki 2024



Suggested Talks:

Diverse, not Divided The mindful way to inclusion

Are you a boomer or zoomer? We all love to make sense of a complicated world by placing ourselves and others into boxes. But stereotyping of any kind hinders corporation and innovation in organizations and limits the well-being and potential of the individual. The solution? It starts with awareness and ends with re-wiring our inner patterns of thoughts.

Ideal for:

  • Organisations challenged by coorporation across ages.
  • Organisations facing the changing demographics.
  • Teams looking to build stronger relationships focusing on we rather than me.
  • Anyone looking to stop internalised stereotypes limitting them.
  • Anyone wanting to support a more inclusive and compassionate work-environment.


From Work/Life Balance to Doing/Being Balance

We have talked about work/life balance for many years, but it is a redundant division. Most of us will find ourselves thinking about work when we are at home and on the other hand let ourselves be distracted by private matters when at work. This session is an invitation to become human beings again instead of human doings. It suggests finding a different kind of balance between actively achieving things on the one hand and finding time to rest, connect and heal on the other. This is how our nervous system is intended to work, but our modern busy lives rarely allow for us to maintain this balance. The result is chronic stress, poor performance, mistakes, burn out and generally poor mental well-being. This session will introduce the attendees to mindfulness and allow them to explore the right balance for them and how to make it happen it in their everyday life.

Attendees will walk away with

  • Insights into their autonomic nervous system and why it is important to maintain a balance between doing and being.
  • A practical understanding of how to bring intended mindful pauses into everyday life.
  • Personal reflections on what it takes for them to create better balance in their lives.
  • An introduction to and try-out of the Pause Practice that they will be able to practice after the session.

The Compassionate way to success

Is high self-esteem the key to individual success? Research suggests otherwise. High self-esteem doesn’t necessarily lead to better performance or greater success. Instead, success and well-being can be found in recognizing our common human experiences, including vulnerability, self-doubt, and failure. You can stop beating yourself up for secretly having self doubt.

Some may question the value of “self-compassion” and “mindfulness,” believing that self-criticism and pushing harder are the paths to success. However, these concepts are supported by scientific evidence, not just feel-good ideas. This session offer an intellectual and evidence-based introduction to mindfulness and self-compassion, with practical exercises to help you develop these valuable skills.

Ageing Upwards – how to stop striving for youth and live in the present moment

Congratulations! You have been given about 20 more years to live than your grandparents. How are you going to make the most of them? In this session the author of the book Ageing Upwards, Berit Lewis, shows that the story we so often tell ourselves about ageing – that it’s all downhill from 50 – is simply wrong. In fact, research reveals we are at our happiest aged 80! Combining her extensive experience in teaching mindfulness with her knowledge of how to live and age well, she reveals a simple framework that can help you make the most out of those extra years of living. Rather than wait for society to solve the challenges of longevity, she invites us to explore what each of us can do to take responsibility for our own life and ageing process.

Attendees will walk away with

  • An insight into the changing demographics of the world and the workplace and why it is important that we make some serious changes to how we structure our lives and think about ageing.
  • Awareness of how we are all ageist and how much that cost society and the individual ageing person in terms of money and well-being.
  • Practical insight into how mindfulness can help us embrace our age instead of adding extra suffering and pain to our lives by running away from it and trying to stay young.
  • Personal stories about how to navigate life after 50 with acceptance, self-compassion and mental flexibility.
  • Food for thoughts on how to stop thinking about retirement but rather “refirement”

Step out of your head!  Focusing inwards for teambuilding and a better work environment

We talk a lot at work! We use our heads to analyse, solve problems, imagine and judge. But sometimes the answers needs to be found somewhere else. Especially when it comes to interpersonal relations and inner well-being. This session is an opportunity to step out of the head and connect with the body and the present moment. It allows the attendees to discover the nature of their thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, and as they learn new ways to relate to them, magic happens and they also start to relate differently to their colleagues. This session is teambuilding while turning focus inwards. It allows attendees to become more aware of how we are all alike as human beings instead of focusing on the things that separate us.

Employees are people before employees and mindfulness can help us to truly see each other beyond any preconceived ideas or stereotypes. It can help us as individuals and as a team – and it can even be fun!


Berit is an experienced teacher who understands how to engage her audience and communicate a complex topic. It has been a pleasure working with Berit and we can recommend her as a speaker and teacher of mindfulness. SHELL, THE OUTPOST

“Berit was excellent. Her calm manner and professionalism won over the severest cynic (i.e. me). Her soothing voice, sense of humour and openmindedness all stood out. She persuaded me of the need to do more mindfulness. It was an inspiring, bonding and fun experience” ICC

Berit is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of mindfulness. By providing us with a good mix of background information and practical exercises, Berit made us aware of the connection between mind and body. We also appreciated that she showed us how to bring mindfulness into our day-to-day lives. Berit created a safe environment in which people were sharing personal experiences. Berit adjusted to the needs of the group or individual participants without losing track of the overall learning goals. RIPE NCC

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