Focus Group Discussions – Ageing Thrivers

Share your knowledge and experience of how to thrive when growing older 

Are you 65+ and enjoy your life despite the ups and downs that life throws at you? Would you like to share your experience and advice on how to create a thriving life as a senior as well as participate in meaningful and inspiring discussions with others on the subject?

You are invited to do so during 2 x 120 min digital group sessions. The discussions will provide input and personal stories for an upcoming book about how to best cope with the challenges of ageing. The book describes a mindful approach, but you do not need to know about mindfulness to participate in the discussions. The author of the upcoming book, Berit Lewis, will moderate the discussions. Everybody that is interested in joining are welcome to do so. I am hoping to see a group of people from all over the world with different backgrounds. I am particularly interested in hearing some personal stories and some lessons that you have learned in your life.

The sessions will both take place online in Zoom at 15.00-17.00 (CET) to allow people in different countries and time zones to participate. (you can use this time converter to find the time in your city:


The sessions will each have a theme and will follow this schedule:

15.00: Welcome and introduction from Berit Lewis

15.10: First round of discussion.

15.35: Break (chance to use bathroom, grab a cup of coffee)

15.45: Berit guide a brief brain-break/ gentle mindful stretches

16.00: Second round of discussion.

16.30: Summing up in joint dicussion

17.00: Closure

Depending on the size of the group, you might be assigned into smaller break-out groups for the discussions. If so, the group will be asked to assign a note-keeper.

Session 1: 16th of December 2021

Theme: How can one prepare mentally for a good senior life?

1.     Is it possible to prepare oneself for a good senior life, including preparation for the challenges to come – and if so how?

2.     Apart from living a healthy lifestyle and be financially secure, what have you done to prepare for a good senior life?

3.     Is there anything you wish you had done to prepare better?

4.     Can we influence our own level of happiness as we age? How?

6.     Do you think our personality (the patterns for how we think and behave) influences our well-being?

7.     Can we change the way we behave and the way we perceive the world – If so how?

8.     Have you changed as you have gotten older – if so how? Would you like to change yourself? How would you like to change?

9.     Do you know what your values and strengths are, and does if help to know? Can you give an example?

10.  Do you know what gives you purpose and meaning in life? If so what it is? Is this important to know this? Why?

Session 2: 13th of January 2021

Theme: How can one cope with the challenges of ageing?

1.     Do you need to be physically healthy to have a good life? Why/why not?

2.     Have you got any chronic illness/pain – and if so how do you cope with it?

3.     Do you experience loneliness? And if so, how do you cope with it?

4.     Have you lost loved ones?  and if so, how do you cope with it?

5.     Are you currently looking after or have you in the past looked after a loved one? If so how do/did you cope with it?

6.     Do you find strength in religion/spirituality and has this changed since you got older?

7.     Have you got any advice for how one can best cope mentally with the challenges of ageing and remain resilient?

8.     What is your relationship with dying? Has this changed as you have aged?





Yes please, I would like to take part in the discussion about how to create a thriving ageing life

Which sessions would you like to participate in? (you can choose one or both)