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Busy schedules, digital devices, lots of stress and pressure — all of this can easily lead to family members who live separate lives and are disconnected from each other. If you think your family could use a Sunday morning stepping out of your busy lives and be inspired to be more present as a family, then join us for a good start to 2019 for a Mindful Family Day. 

Date: Sunday the 3rd of February 2019

Time: 13.00-16.00

Location: The American School of the Hague (ASH)

Price: €40 per family (no matter the size) This will include coffee/tea/water/juice/snacks and materials.


The day will start with a joint fun introduction to mindfulness that is suitable for the whole family. We will then split up into three groups (adults, teenagers (13-18) and children (8-12)) where we will continue to explore age-appropriate ways to be more aware and present in our lives. For the last part of the day, we will work together as a family. Each family will be given a creative project that will facilitate discussions and allow you to find ways to strengthen your relationship, increase everyone’s well-being, handle difficulties and generally bring the family closer together. You will be able to bring the result of the project home to use as a reminder or inspiration for more family-time at home.


13.00 Welcome and joint activity

13.30 Explore what mindfulness is using our bodies

13.45 Split into three groups, where we will explore mindfulness

  • Children (lead by Mieke Smet)
  • Teenagers (lead by Berit Lewis)
  • Adults (lead by Tuire Schoonen)

14.30 Break

15.00 Family Activity; who do we want to be as a family?

15.45 Q & A

16.00 Good bye


Please submit your details to attend this information meeting via the signup form. You will receive an email with an account number. Your place is secured when we have received the fee.

Please note that we will not be providing activities/care for children younger than 8.

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