Sleep Well – and what to do when you can´t

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Do you struggle with sleep? Is it effecting your productivity during the day? Do you want to want to know more about HOW to improve you sleep? Do you want to know more about what to when you can’t sleep?
Then this is for you! This is a unique course combining the latest scientific evidence and mindfulness to offer a multidisciplinary practical tool based approach.
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Sleep is the foundation of our busy modern-day lives, yet we are getting less and less of it. With 2/3rds of us not getting enough, we are facing a sleep loss epidemic. We need sleep to be productive, but we also need sleep for our long term mental and physical health. Sleep is vital in reducing our risk of many of today’s illnesses from dementia to cancer, heart disease to depression.

Berit Lewis from Thriving Life has joined up with Kalpee Howard from Living Well Unlocked, a former UK medical doctor and now science communicator to provide a unique multidisciplinary 4-week course based on the latest scientific evidence exploring different ways to improve your sleep.

Our aim is firstly to help you understand the key science-based facts about sleep, what is sleep and why do we need to sleep. We look at key areas such as lifestyle, our surroundings and explore changes that you can make to sleep well.

We also look at ways to deal with those sleepless moments in the middle of the night and how to manage those negative thoughts and emotions using mindfulness techniques. We will teach you how to focus on the body and train the mind to accept rather than resist the thoughts and feelings that keep you awake, to help you change your relationship with the thoughts that keep you awake.

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Week 1: Intro to sleep, mindfulness, us and each other

Week 2: How to sleep well

Week 3: Welcoming the unwelcome

Week 4: Summery and personal plans