Inspirational Talk: Self-compassion is the new black

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Self-compassion is the new black, 90 min



Do you believe high self-esteem is considered the bedrock of individual success? That you can’t possibly get ahead in life and be a great leader unless you believe you are awesome? Well, think twice. Research on high self-esteem has come to the conclusion that high self-esteem does not result in better performance nor greater success.

The good news is that you can stop beating yourself up for secretly having self doubt. You can let go of being scared of making mistakes. Contrary to common belief, research indicates that instead of looking at how you are different (better, smarter, faster, prettier) than your competitors, the way to success – and well-being too – is to be mindful of how you are similar to others; how we all feel vulnerable from time to time, how it is part of being human to doubt oneself and to fail.  

Without a doubt, there are some who are skeptical about terms like “self-compassion” and “mindfulness”.  Aren’t the people who are hard on themselves, the ones who are ultimately more likely to succeed, to beat the competitor simply because they drive themselves (and their employees) harder? The answer is no! Mindfulness and Self-compassion is a scientific, data-driven argument — not just some feel-good pop psychology or a vehicle for spiritual gurus trying to make a living in the corporate world.

We will introduce you to mindfulness and self-compassion – both from an intellectual point of view based on scientific evidence, but also by trying it out. Treating oneself with kindness and looking at our own shortcomings with understanding is not easy. But they are skills that can be learned. Let us help you get started.

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