One-to-one Mindfulness Based Coaching

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One-to-one Mindfulness Based Coaching offers a way of exploring emotional, thought and behavioural patterns. It looks into ways of living a more rich and fulfilling life based on personal values. The advantage of individual coaching is that we can prioritise some elements over others and aim the exercises towards your personal challenges and strengths. The coaching can be organized according to your schedule and we can meet either face-to-face or over Skype.

Do you know your natural talents and strengths?

Additionally we also offer a session on discovering one’s strengths using Clifton Strength Assessment, a wonderful tool that identifies one’s natural talents and strengths. We strongly believe that highest personal or professional success can be achieved not through developing weaknesses but building up on your strengths. This is where the magic happens. Things as career planning or goal setting and even productive every day work  are ideally built on the clear understanding of who we are and what gives us a sense of purpose.

Coaching Options

There are three options for One-to-one Mindfulness Based Coaching. Our Mindfulness Based Commitment (MBC) programme, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course or individual sessions for specific needs.

  1. Mindfulness Based Commitment (MBC) programme is based on the research into the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – an excellent mindfulness based coaching and therapy method that also includes work on values and commitment). The programme includes 8 weekly one hour sessions plus in-take talk and home practice. The themes for the sessions are:
  • 1: Mindfulness and The scattered mind
  • 2: Unhooking and anchoring
  • 3: Learning to respond instead of reacting
  • 4: Mindfulness of thoughts
  • 5: Mindfulness of emotions
  • 6: Doing what matters (what are my values?)
  • 7: Self-Compassion
  • 8: Looking ahead & committed action
  1. Another way to explore mindfulness is to take the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (link to 4.1) course as individual coaching. This way we will cover the whole curriculum of the MBSR training but along the way we can focus on the topics that are more relevant for the client.
  2. Finally, there is also an option to book individual sessions starting with an intake with the coach to understand the needs of the client. This way we can together build an individual plan on the topics or themes that we want to explore.



  • 8 week programme 680€ (incl. VAT/BTW, electronic participant handbook and all meditations as MP3’s)
  • Add-on session for a course: 70€ / hour
  • Single coaching session: 85€ / hour



A previous participant said:

“I started this 8-week one-to-one mindfulness programme to help me deal with some difficulties in facing an imminent change. About halfway through the course, I began to see some rather big differences in my daily life in the way I approached my thoughts and feelings in that I had become much more accepting towards myself. Thanks to Berit and her one-to-one facilitation I now feel prepared to face this big change and actually feel prepared to face a lot of different difficult moments. Berit is very kind and understanding and provides you with a skill set that you can use in a variety of situations to help you be more mindful. I love having learned to live more mindfully and I am excited to continue building on what I have learned! Thank you so much, Berit!”  Ilaria M.