Mindfulness for Children (8-12)

299.00 Incl BTW

This course is currently not on offer. Please contact us if you are interested in organising a mindfulness course for children.


Children have a lot of ‘to-do’s’ on their plate and can feel the pressure of wanting to achieve. They can find the on-switch, but it is sometimes more challenging to find the ‘pause-button’. There is growing evidence that mindfulness has a positive effect on learning to calm down, focus, increase creativity, self-confidence and compassion.
The method of Eline Snel is an eight-week mindfulness training for children aged from 8-12 years old. During the training, 45 minutes per week, children learn to stabilise, focus and shift their attention using a kind, attentive attitude. They become familiar with their inner-world, thoughts and feelings without attaching judgements. They learn to deal with turmoil with calmness and to acknowledge troublesome thoughts. And above all: they learn to be kind, to themselves and to others.

Family Package

This course can be taken as a part of a “Family Package”. If you and one or more members of your family join courses at the same time you receive 15% of the total price.

The following courses are part of the Family Package:

  • MBSR for adults in Wassenaar
  • Mindfulness for children
  • Thriving Teenager

In order to receive your 15% discount, add the word “family” in the coupon when booking your courses.