Mindful Yoga

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In the West, the word yoga is interpreted as a physical practise, often mastering poses that look like one has had a few bones or ligaments removed. However, in reality yoga is much more than just a physical practise, it’s a whole philosophy that includes spirituality, body and mind. The word yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit, and with the comprehensive yoga practice we seek to bring the mind, body and spirit together.

Part of yoga is the physical practice, asanas, that ultimately cultivate our mindfulness skills by bringing us in the present moment through our body, calming our mind and allowing us to relate to the turbulence of our lives with more perspective and ease. In the West, yoga is often practised solely as a fitness practise with the goal to reach difficult poses and to tone physical appearance. However, from a health perspective putting your body into a pretzel rarely offers any health benefits. Often just the contrary, many end up injuring themselves when not listening to their body and its capabilities.

The yoga courses and classes that we offer at Thriving Life are designed for you to come and ease into a physical practise that feels appropriate in the moment, to take care of your body and calm your mind. There will be no need to strive or reach poses, instead of working on the body, we will be working with the body. Yoga is a lifelong journey and you yourself are the best teacher to know each moment what is best for you.