Mindful Yoga @ Work

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Mindfulness is not difficult, what is difficult is to find the time or place to do it. To support your organization or team in learning and experiencing mindfulness we offer some additional support that serve as useful add-ons to create engagement and commitment.

The benefits of exercise are obvious but physical movement can also be a great way to connect mindfully with our minds and bodies. In our busy lives, we tend to spend a lot of time in our heads, ignoring – or simply not noticing – all the important messages our bodies are sending us. Mindful Yoga @ Work is physical exercise and mindfulness practice in one. It can be either a more vigorous Hatha yoga session, a calming Yin Yoga session or simply gentle Mindful Movements that doesn’t require changing to sports clothes. The type and length of a session will be adapted to clients needs and abilities.

Corporate Package

This product can be a part of a corporate package. There is no one size fits all, when it comes to learning mindfulness. We respect individuality, budget and personal choices and therefore offer customized packages combining your needs with our experience. To see what else the package could contain, please go here: corporate-package