Mindful Hour, weekly practice at workplace

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Mindfulness is not difficult, what is difficult is to find the time or place to do it. To support your organization or team in learning and experiencing mindfulness we offer some additional support that serve as useful add-ons to create engagement and commitment.

The most effective set-up to learn and experience mindfulness is in the hands of a experienced facilitator. The first hand shared experience and embodiment of the teacher have a profound influence over participants relationship and engagement to mindfulness. To maintain and deepen the learning of mindfulness within your team or organization we can offer a weekly Mindful Hour at workplace. For this we only need a meeting room with chairs. This is a pure practise session with a facilitator where participants can experiment different mindfulness practices.


Corporate Package

This product can be a part of a corporate package. There is no one size fits all, when it comes to learning mindfulness. We respect individuality, budget and personal choices and therefore offer customized packages combining your needs with our experience. To see what else the package could contain, please go here: corporate-package