How to Manage Stress or Burnout

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2 hour workshop for managers or employees. We offer stress and burnout workshops either for employees who struggle with stress or for managers who want to understand stress and burnout better in order to actively prevent it or manage the recovery process with the highest possible success rate. Please get in contact with us to discuss what could be the right programme for your organization.


For employees: This workshop can be offered to the staff as an introduction to stress management. The participants will learn to identify high or chronic stress more effectively and signs of burnout. They will learn how stress affects us both mentally and physically and they will learn some simple tools to manage their stress. This is not a magic workshop after which stress is gone. The workshop is designed to spark motivation for people to take better care of themselves, start using the simple tools we offer and take next steps to build more resilience towards stress.

For managers: Are you managing people that are under high or chronic stress or heading towards a burnout? Manager’s role in stress management and burnout recovery is significant and it’s very useful to train oneself to understand stress and burnout better. With better understanding a manager will be able to notice early signs of burnout and offer support to the employee and potentially prevent burnout. In case of an existing burnout case, the manager will be able to effectively support the employee to integrate back to work and avoid relapse.


The course was fantastic, and I will recommend it to lots of friends! Mindfulness truly helps you get in touch with your inner self PLUS the world around you; it shows you how to observe outward, focus inward (with deep breathing), and allow yourself to meld the two together. It’s very Taoist to me, the essence of accepting who you are in the world you live in. A wonderful self-journey.” MBSR participant 2016

“A course worth the personal investment. I learned methods to help me cope with day to day challenges and pressures. In this course I felt I was part of a small family, and I was in a safe haven.” MBSR Participant Spring 2017

This is a great MBSR course with a very loving and kind teacher. I really learned a lot during the 8 weeks and I am much more mindful then I was before the course. I would recommend this course with Berit at Bloom to everybody who wants to have tools to survive times of stress or who just wants to be more mindful. I would absolutely do this course with Berit again. So don’t doubt and go for it!! Greetz

About the Facilitator

Tuire Niinimaki is the facilitator for this workshop. She has extensive experience from stress and burnout both professionally and privately as she has successfully recovered from two burnouts and chronic stress. She has worked with numerous clients in bringing back a sense of self-confidence, building resilience towards change and a deep understanding of their own stress response.

Corporate Package

This product can be a part of a corporate package. There is no one size fits all, when it comes to learning mindfulness. We respect individuality, budget and personal choices and therefore offer customized packages combining your needs with our experience. To see what else the package could contain, please go here: corporate-package