Inspirational Talk: Happiness is a skill

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Happiness is a skill, 90 min



We all wish to be happy. It is a state we all want to be in and many of us are constantly running after that next thing that can bring us happiness. But it is short-lived. Instead we find ourselves being tired, stressed or exhausted for running in the rat race, feeling many things, but rarely happy.

Research tells us that whether you win the lottery or become paralyzed in a car accident, at some point one’s happiness levels return to the same level as before the life changing event happened. There is a baseline of happiness, that we seem to return to despite the ups and downs in life. Neither money nor other material possessions can bring the baseline higher. They can only bring short-lived pleasures. Lasting, profound happiness is not found in external pleasures or circumstances but in internal experience. Luckily, this inner lasting happiness is a skill that we can all cultivate. In this thought-provoking talk we look into what one can do to create happiness in one’s life no matter what difficulties we face in our lives.


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