Family Mindfulness

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A unique mindfulness program guiding the whole family together through an 8 week mindfulness journey.

  • Price: €800 (incl. BTW) per course – for all close family members.
  • Teacher: Berit Lewis


please send email for more information


This is a unique mindfulness course for the whole family. It combines mindfulness courses and methods such as:

  • .b (created my Mindfulness in Schools – a UK national, not-for-profit charity for young people and schools)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ((MBSR) – the well-known evidence based course for adults developed my Jon Kabat-Zinn)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (also know as ACT – an unique empirically based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment and behavior change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility).
  • Thriving Teenagers (6 weeks mindfulness course for teenagers developed by us, Thriving Life)

Who is it for?

Any family, who wishes to go on a journey together that will not only teach each individual how to live more mindfully but the whole family. You will:

    • Become more resillient as an individual and as a family
    • Learn how to be more present and create a richer more fulfilling life
    • Learn how to cope with difficulties, stress and pressure and create more balanced lives
    • Get to know yourself and each other better and learn how to listen to, communicate and support each other

Each course will be adapted to each family´s needs and ages. We do, however, not recommend children younger than 12 to participate. If you want your young child to learn mindfulness, we can recommend a teacher who will teach them in more age-appropriate ways. The course is especially suitable to families with teenagers.

Where and when?

Sessions can happen virtually, in our studio in Wassenaar or at your place (subject to current COVID regulations) .

Sessions can happen whenever it suits you as a family – during- or outside of business hours.


It consists of 8 sessions of 90 min each.

Usually the 8 sessions are given over 8 weeks to allow time to practice in between. You learn to be mindful just like you learn any other new skill; by practising over and over again. By physically changing the neurological pathways in your brain and feeling the effects in your body.  Unfortunately, there is no quick highway to mindfulness delivered in a few lessons.. However, this is your opportunity as a family to learn a new skill together and together create new habits.

The themes of the sessions are:

S1: Walking up to Autopilot
S2: Keeping the body in mind
S3: Mindfulness in Daily Life
S4: Finding Balance in our lives
S5: Exploring Difficulty
S6: Mindful of Thoughts and feelings
S7: Kindfulness
S8: A mindful Life

Home practice

Home practice plays an important role in this course and depending on the age of the family members, you are expected to commit 10-40 minutes of practice per day during the course. Mindfulness is an experiential practice, intellectually reading or learning about it will not offer many benefits, one must do the practise. To support your home practice, you will be given meditations as mp3 files. Home practice includes listening and practising together with the mp3’s, reflecting and making notes about your experience and doing some informal mindfulness practices during your day.

The teacher

The course is created and taught by the experienced and accredited mindfulness teacher Berit Lewis

She is an accredited and experienced MBSR teacher trained at The Mindful Academy Solterreno in Spain, trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, trained to teach .b Foundation and a category 1 members of the VMBN (the dutch Mindfulness Association) and we follow the Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) for teaching Mindfulness-based courses. She has also created and taught the 6 weeks Thriving Teenagers course offered by Thriving Life.