Day of Mindfulness

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One-Day immersion into Mindfulness. Please get in contact with us to discuss more in detail of the immersion day that could serve your needs. 


Mindfulness is a highly experiential practice and an intellectual understanding of mindfulness is not enough to get the full benefits of it. It needs to be experienced with the body as well as with the mind. A great way to dive into the practice is to take the team to a full day immersion outside the office. This way we can better eliminate the urge to attend to the inbox, meetings or the to-do list that shout for attention. In our experience, a full day filled with teaching, reflection, interaction and practice can make a profound impact on the participants and plant a seed that the participants can choose to nourish further.

Corporate Package

This product can be a part of a corporate package. There is no one size fits all, when it comes to learning mindfulness. We respect individuality, budget and personal choices and therefore offer customized packages combining your needs with our experience. To see what else the package could contain, please go here: corporate-package