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April 2023 This article appeared in the April 2023 issue of the quarterly journal of BACP Workplace, published by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy 2023 (the article is not open to public).

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22rd of March 2023 Gail Hanlon from the blog “Is This Mutton” reviews Ageing Upwards in her monthly book reviews in collaboration with other bloggers for #WhatsOnYourBookshelf She gives it 4 out of 5 stars on NetGallery. https://www.isthismutton.com/2023/03/read-all-about-it-march-books.html

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5th of May 2023 Berit is interviewed by Sara Hart on Prime Sparks. A podcast that aims to bring you conversations that will inspire, celebrate and empower women over 55. https://www.spreaker.com/user/ewnpodcastnetwork/ps-ep60-v1?utm_campaign=episode-title&utm_medium=app&utm_source=widgethttps://youtu.be/36h5wK5eZDo

4th of May 2023 Eliane Kreisler, Jessyka Bram  and Madeleine Blankenstein from LongeTalks, A Brazilian YouTube channel that addresses issues related to longevity without stereotypes, talks to Berit Lewis about her book Ageing Upwards. You can see and listen to it here https://youtu.be/36h5wK5eZDo

26th if April 2023 Berit Lewis talks to Sue Stockdale from Access to Inspiration.The aim of the podcast is to encourage the listeners to reflect on the world differently. On how we can all inspire one another. Berit talks about how she found out that the key to thriving is about awareness and our mindset. And how mindfulness is not only an inner journey but very much a way to change the world around us.  Listen to it here https://accesstoinspiration.org/podcast/98-berit-lewis-thriving-after-50/

19th if April 2023 Berit Lewis talks to Don Akchin from TheEndgame Podcast. Don has a podcast and block on Substack for the “Chronological Gifted”. In this podcast Berit talks to Don about what mindfulness is and is not, how it can help us age and reflects on her own journey into mindfulness. Listen to it here https://theendgame.substack.com/p/mindfulness-and-the-older-mind#details

10th if April 2023 Berit Lewis talks to Terry Lohrbeer on Kickass Boomers Podcast, stories of Boomers living active lives, taking
chances, and making changes happen in the world. Berit tells us how she got into mindfulness and how it can help us create thriving lives. Have a listen if you want you hear how calling yourself a boomer might be limiting yourself. Listen to it here http://kickassboomers.com/podcast/131-berit-lewis-in-her-new-book-ageing-upwards-lays-out-a-mindfulness-based-framework-for-the-longevity-revolution/

8th of February 2018 What is mindfulness? Berit Lewis and Tuire Schoonen, the original founders of Thriving Life is interviewed by the TRIBE podcast consisting of Jaimi Gadaix, Amy Rebecca Martin and Nicki Doerr. We had such a fun and interesting time in that studio discussing what mindfulness is, the science and practice behind and how to set up new habits. Listen to it here https://atribepodcast.libsyn.com/19-mindfulness

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Q&A Launch Event for Ageing Upwards, hosted by Aideen Clarke at Rest Less

Book Launch Event 

Watch the Book Launch Q & A Event hosted by Aideen Clarke at Rest Less 26th of April 2023 

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Introduction to Mindfulness

An introduction to Mindfulness

Watch Berit Lewis´ Introduction to Mindfulness, Wassenaar March 2020

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