LIVE COVID 19 meditations

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Live FREE meditations during COVID 19

As an antidote to the current social distancing, come join me for 30 min virtual guided mindfulness practice. Helping us connect with ourselves and each other through shared meditations. EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 16.00 (Dutch time).

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Meeting ID: 288 120 914
Password: 873933

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Pause Practice

The PAUSE practice is a simple mindfulness tool that will help you take a few minutes out of your busy life to simply be. To take a PAUSE means to just sit (or stand) and take stock of what is going on inside of you and what is happening around you, of how the breath feels like in your body, what thoughts and emotions you are feeling in this moment and finally considering how to continue your day with more awareness and kindness.

Guided by Berit Lewis

Time: 4 min

Pause in Difficult Situations

A short meditation you can do whenever you find yourself in a difficult or stressful situation. It helps you take a step back, calm down, see things from a wider perspective and make mindful choices.

Guided by Berit Lewis

Time: 11 min

Pause Practice for Teens

The PAUSE practice is a simple mindfulness tool that will help you take a few minutes out of your busy life to simply be.

Guided by Berit Lewis

Time: 6 min

A Tribe Podcast

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A Tribe Podcast

Play Podcast Here 

Jaimi, Amy and Nicki from A Tribe Podcast interviewed us about mindfulness and daring to thrive. Listen to it here

Introduction to Mindfulness

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An introduction to Mindfulness

Watch Berit Lewis´ Introduction to Mindfulness, Wassenaar March 2020

See Part 1 on YouTube

See Part 2 on YouTube

Mindfulness of our Whole Experience

This more advanced 30 min practice allows you to explore the whole of your experience, the pleasant, unpleasant and the neutral. This meditation is most suitable for people who already have a meditation practice in place.

Guided by Tuire Niinimaki

Time: 30 min

Meditation with Body & Breath

This practice is a simple and calming meditation, supporting you to connect with your body and breath and building awareness of your experience.

Guided by Tuire Niinimaki

Time: 20 min

3 Step Breathing Space

This short 5 minute meditation from the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction curriculum is an opportunity to pause in the middle of your life and notice what is going on with yourself and then allow yourself to find calmness through your breath.

Guided by Tuire Niinimaki

Time: 5 min

The work pause meditation

Take 8 minutes out of your busy work day, push your chair back and check in with what is going on in your body and mind. This short break will not only calm down your nervous system, it will also help you to make better choices and possibly help you become more efficient and creative.  

Guided by Berit Lewis

Time: 8 min

Just Sitting

This meditation is for people who have been meditating for a while. There will be some relative long pauses, which might be difficult for you if you are new to meditating. The purpose of this meditation is to remind ourselves about the simplicity of what meditation is really about; is to simply sit still and observe.

Guided by Berit Lewis

Time: 20 min

Pause for Exam Anxiety

A meditation you can do as you are preparing for an exam or as you are about to go into it. It will help you calm down and remind you that the worry and anxiety are here right now, but you do not have to be completely taken over by them.

Guided by Berit Lewis

Time: 9 min

Links to other resources about mindfulness

Generally, about mindfulness

About Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Guided meditations


  • Insight Timer:Free mobile app with virtual “bells” to time and support your meditations
  • Buddhify: over 80 guided customised mediations for wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.
  • Headspace: “Meditation made simple.” This app has a free introductory period, after which it requires a paid subscription to continue to use.
  • Sleepify appmakes falling asleep and waking up an enjoyable experience.
  • com:Free website and mobile app with guided meditation and relaxation exercises

Resources for mindfulness at workplace

Resources for teachers

  • Mindfulness in schools: see the film “Room to Breathe(1 hour) which explores the personal transformations that happen for students, their families, and educators as mindfulness is introduced in a truly challenging public school environment. By providing a raw and realistic look at the experience, it shows how integrating mindfulness, along with patience, skill, collaboration and more, can transform even the most difficult classrooms.
  • Healthy Habits of Mindis a 42 min movie that shows how kindergarteners at Oxford Elementary School in Berkeley, California are introduced to mindfulness during their school day. The students are taught mindful listening, mindful eating, mindful movement, and yoga by their classroom teacher. The film peeks into this course, taught by Mindful Schools Program Directors Megan Cowan and Chris McKenna. The movie also features leading neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson explaining how mindfulness affects brain function, and Megan explaining how mindfulness helps in schools.
  • Happy Teachers Will Change the Worldis a film about teachers learning mindfulness, true transformation and happiness. From an initiative of Thich Nhat Hanh and his Plum Village community.
  • A Google Talkby Program Director Chris McKenna specifically on mindful parenting. Includes some biology and neuroscience and practical techniques and strategies. (1 hr)
  • Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinndescribes his vision for mindfulness in education at a benefit for Mindful Schools at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, 2012. (1 hr 40 min

Resources for parents and teenagers

  • Mindful Tips for parents of teenagers


  • MindShift:Free mobile app for teens developed by AnxietyBC, with mindfulness and other coping skills for anxiety
  • Smiling Mind:Free mobile mindfulness app for young people, from Australia

Guided meditations

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