Family Mindfulness


We have all been there – setting the intention to do something good for our health and well-being; loose some weight, stop smoking or get fit. It all starts up so well, we are full of good intentions and motivation, but then somehow down the line, the old life takes over and we fall in and we “forget” our good intentions. Most people face the same challenge, when starting to practice mindfulness. Despite knowing about all the benefits of it and despite the fact that it is relatively simple; to simply allow oneself to be in the present moment, they still find it very difficult to “find” or take the time to practice. Let’s face it, changing habits are not easy – even if we are only talking about 10-15 min of practice in a day.

For this reason we offer a family mindfulness package. This way families can support each other on the journey and encourage each other to stick with the practice. Mindfulness training, however, is best taught so it is applicable to our own personal life; A teenager deals with different challenges to an adult and benefits from practicing with their peers. A child needs a more playful approach. Therefore we teach different courses to different groups of people, but we offer them at the same time and give you a discount if you join them together as a family. We teach you all the same language and some of the same meditation practices (although some of them are adapted in length), so that you can have a conversation about it at the dinner table. Together you can find a way to support each other – maybe you prefer to practice together or apart, maybe you want to set up a mindful corner in the house somewhere or maybe you want to implement some informal mindfulness practices in everyday life as a family. It is a wonderful way to connect and strengthen the family at the same time as developing as an individual.


A family package consists of:

An 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course

A 6 week Thriving Teenager course as an after-school activity

The price for one teenager and one parent is 650€ (reduced from 775€). If siblings want to join the course, we also offer two Thriving Teenager courses for the same price of 650€ (reduced from 700€).

Stay tuned; soon we will also be offering mindfulness courses for younger children!


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