Free Talk: Re-imagine what it means to be 50+

The world is scrambling to find ways to face the new world of ageing citizens. However, in the end, true preventable and sustainable change must come from within each one of us. Despite longer lives, outdated mindsets hold us back, trapping us in unnecessary suffering and societal limitations.

Together we can redefine what it means to be over 50!

I offer organisations, clubs, corporations or groups of friends one hour free talks, that will encourage the listeners to question their own beliefs and thought patterns about ageing. I also offer concrete mindfulness-based tools to develop a more flexible mindset allowing us to meet the challenges of life with curiosity, acceptance, compassion and willingness to adapt. 



Learning Objectives Practical Exercise Resources to take away

Gain insights into the changing demographics and the damaging effects of (internalised) ageism.

Challenge the mindset of what it means to grow older.

Reframe aging from decline to transition.

Reflections on personal patterns of thought and behaviours.

Insights into the tools available that can help us through the transitions of life.

Exploration of practical ways to become more aware and practice our abilities to meet the challenges and joys of life and age mindfully.

A 10 min guided Pause Practice meditation




Links to a toolkit consisting of guided meditations (including the Pause Practice) to listen to after the talk.

Opportunity to buy the book Ageing Upwards with 25% discount (€15).


The fine print:

  • The offer excludes travel cost.
  • Online version might be an option.
  • Offer must be booked before the end of 2023

Potential further initiatives

If the talk is well received, we can discuss further ways forward in terms of mindfulness courses such as the MBSR or Ageing Awards course (please see for more information). For bigger organisations, I have had success with offering mindfulness in waves. Each wave consist of an introduction followed by the opportunity to join a course. This way, the company gets to test the interest without committing to offering courses. Furthermore, the interest tends to spread through word of mouth. At some point, a critical mass of the employees will have been through the program, gradually spreading awareness, openness, compassion, and resilience to the whole of the organisation. The courses can either be paid for by the company or the employees themselves, with the company supporting them by the physical space at work and potentially time.


Ageing Upwards Packages