Thriving Life offers courses to private groups as well as to companies. They can all be done online, in person or hybrid. Here are some courses that we are offering on a regular basis, but we are always happy to adjust the content and structure to fit your needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

I do not schedule online courses for private people as it varies greatly when people are able to join (people join from all over the world). If you are interested in joining one of the courses below, please send me an email telling where you are, what you are interested in and when. I collect these requests and offer courses directly via email to a group when I have enough interest for it to go ahead. There is if course no obligation to join. In order to teach mindfulness in a safe way, I always have one-to-one meeting with potential participants and together we decide if it is the right time for you to do a mindfulness course.

Ageing Upwards

This is a 6 weeks course introducing you to the framework from the book Ageing Upwards. You will learn mindfulness skills to embrace ageing rather than running away from it. Read more about the book and the framework here.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

This is the 8 weeks well-known Golden Standard of mindfulness courses. It was developed by Jon Kabatt-Zinn in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Today it is taught worldwide to hundreds of thousands of people for  a wide variety of reasons. MBSR is supported by a wide body of research showing that it is effective at addressing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress and generally improve well being.

“I absolutely enjoyed EVERYTHING about the MBSR course. Just right mixture of theory, practice, embodiment exercise. What made the delivery perfect, in my view, was the excellent communication skills (oral, written, body language, tone of voice) or the trainer (Berit). Also the absence of judgement of the trainer.” Cristina

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Mindfulness Based Vitality & Ageing (MBVA)

This is an 8 weeks course that was developed and researched by Berit Lewis as part of her Master Thesis on Vitality & Ageing in coorporation with Leiden University and Leyden Academy of Vitality & Ageing.

(…) all the thoughts that sometimes I build up – and sometimes you just go in a circle. So, you can break and step away, that is what I have learnt and that is what I find very useful with mindfulness. My mind gets another set-up. I am stepping out of the circle so I can se everything in a distance.” Quote from a participant in the research rapport 

Mindfulness @ work

Mindfulness is an excellent way to improve the work environment and the well-being of the individual employee. 

Thriving Life has great experience in offering an adjusted version of the MBSR to organisations in stages. We start with a general introduction and offer all employess the opportunity to sign up to the courses on a voluntary basis. In our experience it creates waves within the organisation. More people sign up and as mindfulness practices and skills spreads into daily life, employees start to respond to challenges and stress with more awareness, calmness and compassion.

“By providing us with a good mix of background information and practical exercises, Berit made us aware of the connection between mind and body. We also appreciated that she showed us how to bring mindfulness into our day-to-day lives. Berit created a safe environment in which people were sharing personal experiences. The course was a success for our organisation. This was a good first dive into the world of mindfulness, and we are planning to continue our relationship with Thriving Life”.


Thriving Teenagers

This is a 6 weeks course teaching teenagers mindfulness techniques to help them cope with the challenges of stress, social media, social relationships and pressure. They gain some very important skills for how to cope and look after their mental well-being for the rest of their lives.

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Sleep Well

This is a 4 weeks course teaching you a mindful approach to coping with sleeping-difficulties. Instead of resisting the difficulties, and tossing and turning all night while counting the hours, we work on how to accept and respond to insomnia with compassion. Paradoxically, this approach help us relax and eventually get a better night´s rest.

Learn mindfulness over two full days

Paradoxically the people who wants to do a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course are too stressed to find time in their schedule for the standard 8 weeks. We are therefore successfully offering the standard MBSR over two full days (ie. Saturdays) with a month apart and include online guided meditations in between to practice the new skills.

Berit Lewis came to us in UK to deliver a condensed programme for us.  It was a really brilliant experience; superb underpinning theory (the Jon Kabat Zinn MBSR approach along with some ACT), perfectly paced practices and wealth of take away resources to support you own ongoing practice.  Jacqui F