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At Thriving Life we offer tailor-made programs and workshops for organizations and work teams. Our work starts by understanding the challenges and needs of the team as well as the bigger corporate culture and values. Our main aim is to create engagement and commitment so that what we teach can have a lasting effect.


Mindfulness is not a quick fix, like learning any new skill it takes time and effort. However, it’s crucial to offer the practice of mindfulness in a way that is realistic and approachable. Thus we put a lot of effort in adapting the training to the time and resources available.


Mindfulness cannot be forced on people – they have to want to learn it themselves or it is bound to fail and have a negative impact on the work environment. In our experience, mindfulness is best offered broadly to an organization on all levels with multiple types of touch points.

We often start up with a few lunch & learn talks or workshops to get the employees familiar with mindfulness. This gives them a taste into what mindfulness can do for them, but it is very unlikely to make a difference in the long term. However the initial workshops/talks usually make people want to learn more. We can then offer some courses – maybe over 6 or 8 weeks in waves. During this time there is room to experiment with new skills, behaviours and habits in everyday life – it is very much learning by doing. Alternatively, we can take the team to a full day immersion training where people can experience mindfulness outside office pressures. This is an excellent way to start mindfulness training and often offers surprising experiences for the participants that they didn’t expect. What we often find is, that the first participants get so engaged and become ambassadors, recommending their colleagues to also join the next upcoming courses or immersions. Eventually the organization will start to see the positive results as the employees’ work and presence is affected by the new skills they have learned and adapted; they may become less stressed, less reactive, more focused and more productive all the while creating together a more compassionate and mindful workplace.


Click here to our Learn2Thrive page or see below to find different set-ups that we offer for organizations and for mindfulness at work which you can choose to run individually or create a package for your team. Everything is ultimately going to be adapted to your needs and budget.



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