AgeingUpwards – A mindfulness-based approach to the longevity revolution

Congratulations! You have been given about 20 more years to live than your grandparents. How are you going to make the most of them?

Berit Lewis shows that the story we so often tell ourselves about ageing – that it’s all downhill from 50 – is simply wrong. In fact, research reveals we are at our happiest aged 80! Combining her extensive experience in teaching mindfulness with her knowledge of how to live and age well, she reveals a simple framework that can help you make the most out of those extra years of living. Rather than wait for society to solve the challenges of longevity, she invites us to explore what each of us can do to take responsibility for our own life and ageing process.

Ageing Upwards will help you navigate life after 50 with acceptance, self-compassion and mental flexibility. It’s also invaluable to leaders who wants overcome unconscious beliefs, limitations and discriminations related to age to create more diverse organizations.

The book will launch April 23, 2023.

But you don’t have to wait this long to get engaged.


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Berit has launched a Substack Newsletter/Blog, as part of the process of writing the book. Twice a month she takes up various of themes from the book and hope that the readers will engage, give feedback, and maybe share some ideas and stories. You know the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”, Berit believe it takes a community to create a relatable and interesting book – especially when the subject is something that we all have experience in: living and ageing. Her main message is that ageing is not something we should run away from, but rather embrace. We are constantly told that young people by default are better, happier and more beautiful, but this is simply not true. Ageing is just another word for living, and while our age is definitely a part of our sense of self, it is not the only thing that defines us.

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  • Why is the term “successful ageing” is an oxymoron
  • How can we avoid internalising ageism?
  • How can companies and organisations retain and attract mature experienced employees through mindfulness training.
  • Why we should stop looking at ageing as binary
  • Why the ability to focus and sustain attention is important for our wellbeing
  • How improved inner- and outer awareness is key to changing the way we live and make decisions
  • Why self-compassion is the new black
  • Why the current one-size-fits-all life arrangement (learn/ work & save/ retire), is neither financially sustainable as we live for longer, nor beneficial to our health and well-being.
  • Why ageing involves suffering – and why that is a good thing
  • How mindfulness can be a gateway to vitality and mental flexibility
  • Why being fully present is deeply underrated
  • How we can stop self-created sufferings
  • How pauses are superfood for the mind
  • How we can change our sense of self – if we actually have a self
  • How to deal with thoughts and worries related to growing older
  • How getting to know and feel our bodies can help us accept what happens to it
  • How the Selection, Optimisation and Compensation (SOC) model can help us adapt to life.
  • and so much more……..

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