The Ageing Upwards Framework

In her book, Ageing Upwards, Berit Lewis Combines her extensive experience in teaching mindfulness with her knowledge of how to live and age well. She suggests a simple framework that can help us make the most out of the extra years of living, we have been given. Rather than wait for society to solve the challenges of longevity and ageism, she invites us to explore what each of us can do to take responsibility for our own life and ageing process.

The Mindfulness Loop

The first part of the framework consists of three  basic mindfulness skills:

  • Notice it,
  • Note it 
  • Know it 

They are illustrated as a loop in the shape of the e at the beginning and end of the word eMBrACe, as they are to be seen as pauses throughout our days when we can step back and curiously explore how we are reacting automatically to life. The more we implement this mindfulness loop in our everyday life (and maybe in meditations), the more aware we become of unconscious behavioural patterns and beliefs. As our  attentional control and awareness improves, we can start to respond to life and challenges more consciously using the skills introduced in the last part of the Framework.

To eMBrACe life & age

The second part of the framework consists of four mindfulness skills, referred to in the acronym eMBrACe:

  • ‘M’ stands for choosing our Mindset;
  • ‘Br’ stands for Broadening our attention to embrace all there is to life – pleasant and unpleasant experiences;
  • ‘A’ stands for meeting challenges with Affection for oneself and others;
  • ‘C’ stands for Committing to actively adapting

If you would like to learn more about the frameworks and how to practice it, you can pre-order the book now.