Welcome to Thriving Life!

Thriving Life is a leading mindfulness provider based in the Netherlands. We offer customized mindfulness based training programs with the intention to enhance individuals and organizations ability to thrive and perform.

Thriving Life was formed in 2018 by Berit Lewis and Tuire Schoonen, who meet in Spain during their Mindfulness Teacher Training. Tuire came from Finland and Berit from Denmark, but at the time they discovered that they lived only 10 min drive away from each other in the Netherlands. Since then they have taught mindfulness to hundreds of International organisations and people in the UK and Europe. Today Thriving Life is run by Berit.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop and facilitate the highest quality mindfulness based trainings that allow people to tap into their mind’s potential. Ultimately, we wish to make the world a better place by helping people and workplaces find their own ways to thrive – one breath at a time.

Our Values

Self-care: Self-care and self-compassion are skills that many find challenging but as they underlie both private and professional success and wellbeing we hold them high on our agenda in all of our work.

Integrity: We are committed to deliver the highest quality of work. Our work is coming from a place of sincerity and experience. We are using both our hearts and heads, using both our personal experience and the latest research in our training.

Performance: Through awareness and focus and by making conscious choices with an understanding of what matters, we believe everyone can thrive and take their performance to another level.

Passion: We are passionate about uncovering hidden mental potential and whole-heartedly work towards supporting every individual to thrive.

Respect for the individual: Every person has a different story and at the heart of our work is respect for individuality and appreciation of personal choices. We also understand that personal development cannot be hurried and each person must find his or her own path.

What does it mean to thrive?

To us, thriving is to feel whole and content no matter the ups and downs of life. It’s about having the knowledge and skills to take care of yourself, create balance and find meaning in what you do. A thriving life is not a life of seeking pleasure but to find a lasting sense of ease and aliveness.

Meet the founder of Thriving Life, Berit Lewis