Berit Lewis

Co-founder, Mindfulness coach and trainer

Berit is an accredited MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Teacher, trained in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and also trained at Mindfulness in Schools Foundations (MiSP) to teach .B Foundations for teachers. She is a category 1 member of VMBN (Vereniging Mindfulness Based Trainers Nederland en Vlaanderen) and holds a BA (Honours) in Psychology, a MA of Communication and a MSc of Vitality and Ageing. She has extensive experience in teaching MBSR courses in groups or to individuals. Recently as part of her master thesis at Leyden Academy for Vitality and Ageing she developed, taught and researched an online Mindfulness Based Vitality and Ageing (MBVA) course for older persons. She has previously also developed a successful mindfulness course for teenagers. Before founding Thriving Life she worked as a communication- and PR specialist in Denmark and Australia – including 10 years as a communications specialist at the Danish Defence. Berit is Danish, married to a Welshman and lives in the Netherlands with two teenage children.

Thriving Together with

Trafalgar PD

Trafalgar PD provides bespoke coaching-led executive development programmes for private and public organisations in the UK and EU. Thriving Life has the pleasure to provide mindfulness training specifically to their Achieving Leadership Excellence (ALE) programme to NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency.



Leyden Academy

In co-operation with Leyden Academy, Thriving Life has created, researched and is offering the 8 week online Mindfulness Based Vitality & Ageing for elderly people.

Team of Thrivers

Tuire Niinimäki

Co-founder, Mindfulness coach and trainer

After her career in multinational consumer goods industry Tuire is a passionate believer in human potential to develop and learn, and to create positive change in one’s own and other’s life. She works as a Mindfulness based coach and facilitator for individuals and groups in private and corporate settings. She is also an Assistant teacher in Mindful Academy, Spain, training people aspiring to become Mindfulness teachers. Tuire brings a deeply compassionate and practical approach into her work with people and her facilitation is based on authenticity, openness, and appreciation for our human experience, always with a touch of humor. She draws strongly from her own experience and personal mindfulness practice of over ten years, which has helped her manage her own difficult life circumstances and chronic stress and burnout. Tuire is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher adhering to Best Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness teachers and a category 1 member of VMBN association (Vereniging Mindfulness Based Trainers Nederland en Vlaanderen) in The Netherlands. She is trained in Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) and is also a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. Tuire is originally from Finland and lives with her Dutch husband and their two dogs. 

Kara Hordlow Smith

Trainer, Corporate Clients

With a background in international business development, Kara develops and delivers training programs in the workplace that offer practical, hands-on techniques for mindfulness, stress reduction, and peak performance. Her clients range from Fortune 50 companies to large universities and non-profit organizations.

Kara has worked with hundreds of professionals, students and athletes around the world, and is a co-creator of two evidence-based training programs proven by university researchers to significantly increase:​ Resilience & Mental Health, Self-care, Engagement & Focus, Performance & Leadership, Communication & Team Building

Kara holds a BA with honors from Middlebury College, a Masters of International Affairs from The George Washington University, and is certified to teach the Mindfulness in School Project’s .b curricula, Still Quiet Place, and Mindful Schools’ program. She has also worked in-house as (former) Director and Strategy Advisor for the Mindfulness in Schools Project UK and trainer, consultant to the International Baccalaureate.

Kara has lived in Qatar, Canada, the United States and is currently based in Canada.


Mieke Smet

Mindfulness Trainer for kids between 5-12 years

Mieke had her first introduction to mindfulness at the International School of The Hague where she is working as a school psychologist. She followed the MBCT training together with colleagues in 2012. This training provided her with the opportunity to reflect upon her own well-being. Previously, she would come home with headaches and overthink conversations and situations as she wanted the results to be perfect. With mindfulness it became easier to surf the waves. After experiencing the power of mindfulness herself she completed the Paws training of the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) in London in April 2015. The training provided her with the first tools to introduce mindfulness to children in the age range of 7-11 year old. She wanted to be able to introduce her own children to mindfulness and teach it in the classroom setting and in her own private practice, therefore she decided to strengthen her knowledge and skills with the training of Eline Snel. She completed this training in October 2018 and this training qualified her to work with children in the age range of 5-12 years old. Mieke would like to see children using their mindfulness skills from an early age so they can rely on these in time of need. It is very powerful and useful to know how to interpret the signs from your own body and know if and how to act. It will help them focus, learn, calm down and thrive in life.

Our mission:

Our mission is to develop and facilitate the highest quality mindfulness based trainings that allow people to tap into their mind’s potential. Ultimately, we wish to make the world a better place by helping people and workplaces find their own ways to thrive – one breath at a time.


Self-care: Self-care and self-compassion are skills that many find challenging but as they underlie both private and professional success and wellbeing we hold them high on our agenda in all of our work.

Integrity: We are committed to deliver the highest quality of work. Our work is coming from a place of sincerity and experience. We are using both our hearts and heads, using both our personal experience and the latest research in our training.

Performance: Through awareness and focus and by making conscious choices with an understanding of what matters, we believe everyone can thrive and take their performance to another level.

Passion: We are passionate about uncovering hidden mental potential and whole-heartedly work towards supporting every individual to thrive.

Respect for the individual: Every person has a different story and at the heart of our work is respect for individuality and appreciation of personal choices. We also understand that personal development cannot be hurried and each person must find his or her own path.