Ultimately, I wish to make the world a better place by helping people and workplaces find their own ways to thrive and contribute – one breath at a time

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“We can all learn the skills to overcome the default limits of our minds and brains to thrive as well as survive as individuals and society. It starts with training our attentional control, gaining more awareness, and cultivating a broad and compassionate perspective of life“.

Berit Lewis

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Impermanence as Liberation

How we can use the awareness of a constantly changing world to help us accept and cope with the challenges of life.


“Ageing Upwards is a must-read for those wishing to remain mentally vital as they age. Berit artfully combines her vast (mindfulness) experience with her recent research to provide a practical path towards resilience, full of wisdom and understanding. Mental vitality is crucial as a basis for ageing upwards and reducing our healthcare burden, next to nutrition and physical activity.”

Brenda Childers

“Berit was excellent. Her calm manner and professionalism won over the severest cynic (i.e. me). Her soothing voice, sense of humour and openmindedness all stood out. She persuaded me of the need to do more mindfulness. It was an inspiring, bonding and fun experience” 


Participant at a corporate mindfulness training and teambuilding event

Ageing Upwards is a great handbook written with a depth of research, real examples, stories and practices (including links to mindfulness recordings).  It is a book I will keep returning to, in supporting the leaders I work with as a coach and for my own acceptance, perspective and embracing of my own aging.

Jacqui Fairbrass

Founder of Trafalgar Personal Development Ltd