Thriving Life

To us, thriving is to feel whole and content no matter the ups and downs of life. It’s about having the knowledge and skills to take care of yourself, create balance and find meaning in what you do. A thriving life is not a life of seeking pleasure but to find a lasting sense of ease and aliveness.

Thriving Work

Mindfulness has become one of the key skills for organisations in the 21st century. By teaching you mindfulness skills we can help you cope with stress, give you the tools to perform, communicate, lead and collaborate more effectively and generally improve your well-being.

Thriving Teen

As a teen, your brain is going through a huge restructuring. This makes adolescence the ideal time to establish healthy habits and behaviours that support you throughout your life. By learning and practicing mindfulness you can literally shape the brain to become more present, kinder, happier and resilient.

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2 weeks ago

Thriving Life

My lovely friend Kim Douglass is gathering insights of mindfulness during the month of May. Thanks for having me be part of it.Hello once again, mindful ones! Tuire (pronounced in my head Twee-da) was one of my incredible teachers during my training in Spain. She is warm and quick to laugh. Thank you for your wisdom, Tuire! Hope we cross paths again soon. 🦋
"What I have learned through my mindfulness journey is that the way I connect with the world is largely determined by the way I connect with myself. The moment I feel that I’m out of alignment with myself is the moment that the world has become my enemy, my challenger. And then I know to go back to my practise to feel, not to think. To sense, not to analyse. To embrace, not to fight.

My beautiful brain, with all its magnificence, is there to support and protect, but I need to tell him that it’s not always needed. The threats are illusions and I’m ok. I have learned this through my mindfulness practise. I have learned that I’m strong and resilient. And instead of raising my armours and preparing for a fight, I go to my practise and I connect with myself. And I realise once again, the enemy was not outside of me, but inside.

Mindfulness has made me strong but also vulnerable. But as contradicting as those two sound they are actually two sides of the same coin. We can only be strong if we can also be vulnerable. The discomfort I feel from feeling and seeing clearly is far less painful than closing up and numbing.

We tend to live our lives like we have forever. But we only have this moment. And this. And this. And at one point, it will end. I don’t mean to sound morbid, but that’s true. So I return to my practise, to connect with myself and this moment.

Life has become this beautiful, fascinating dance. I move between the present and the past, the present and the future. I feel my feet on the ground. I’m here. I feel the breath in my body. I’m here. And a wonderful sense of ease flows through me. Everything is simple. Just being.

I wish you all a wonderful mindful May. With love, Tuire 💌
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2 weeks ago

Thriving Life

This week I am teaching session 2 of the MBSR in which we talk about how we cannot control our thoughts, but we can give the mind something to focus on such as our body or our senses and thereby stopping ourselves when we get stuck ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. While trying to get some work done this morning, I kept being disturbed by my kitten continuing jump on the table to play and eat with my peonies. It struck me; my mind is like my kitten; The more I scolded her and threw her of the table, saying she was not allowed there, the more she insisted on eating the peonies, and the more frustrated I became. So now I have accepted her interest and I have given her something else to keep her occupied while I work (using my feet). I know that she will return to the peonies again sooner or later, but then I will either move them (change the situation) or I will find other ways to keep her occupied (change my attitude). I love my kitten (and my mind) but she can be a real pain sometimes. At least I know, what to do to not let her totally hijack my life. ...

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“The 8 week MBSR course helped me to understand better my brain and biology. My awareness has grown thanks to the tools we learned at class. I also enjoyed the group setting very much, always a kind and welcoming atmosphere! I recommend!”



“Berit delivered two workshop sessions for Shell Outpost where she gave a solid understanding of mindfulness and how to practice it through exercises. It has been a pleasure working with Berit and we can recommend her as a speaker and teacher of mindfulness.”

Shell Outpost

“I had mindfulness classes with Tuire when I was working in Rotterdam and being under a lot of stress. She was amazingly helpful, and she made me discover meditation, my new healthy routine. I strongly recommend to give it a try!”


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