Thriving Life

To us, thriving is to feel whole and content no matter the ups and downs of life. It’s about having the knowledge and skills to take care of yourself, create balance and find meaning in what you do. A thriving life is not a life of seeking pleasure but to find a lasting sense of ease and aliveness.

Thriving Work

Mindfulness has become one of the key skills for organisations in the 21st century. By teaching you mindfulness skills we can help you cope with stress, give you the tools to perform, communicate, lead and collaborate more effectively and generally improve your well-being.

Thriving Teen

As a teen, your brain is going through a huge restructuring. This makes adolescence the ideal time to establish healthy habits and behaviours that support you throughout your life. By learning and practicing mindfulness you can literally shape the brain to become more present, kinder, happier and resilient.

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7 days ago

How do you react when you have made a mistake or encounter difficulties doing something? A common way is to tell yourself off; "I am not good enough", "I am a looser", "I am so stupid". An inner critical voice adds to our suffering. Self-compassion is a skill that we can all become better at and it is very important - not only for our physical and mental well-being but also for acknowledging and improving our performance and short-comings. This week I taught self-compassion to young elderly women participating in the Mindfulness Based Vitality and Ageing (MBVA) course and leaders in NATO. No matter where you are in life, self-compassion is important. Luckily we can all get better at it. How are you cultivating self-compassion? ...
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4 weeks ago

"I am proud to say I was wrong". A quote from one of the participants of the Mindfulness Based Vitality and Aging Course (MBVA) that I am currently teaching and researching as part of my internship at Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing . The participant was referring to her initial critical opinions about mindfulness. Yesterday a mid-way focus group interview took place and the participants expressed a lot of positive experiences with -becoming more aware and finding ways to "re-set" -pausing to be in the present moment -taking time out for themselves-learning to be more kind and acceptingAlthough none of them find it easy, they appreciate the help and support they are finding in each other and see it as an investment in maintaining thriving lifes when they "actually get old". We are off to a great start, let´s see what the last 4 weeks will bring. ...
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NEW Mindfulness Based Vitality and Ageing pilot course and study – looking for committed participants

Interested in learning mindful ways to cope with the natural challenges of growing older? Here is your opportunity to do so for free and online in the safety of your own home with 8-11 other seniors from around the world. In cooperation with Leyden Academy and as a...

Free Live guided meditations every Wednesday during COVID-19

As an antidote to the current social distancing, come join me for 25 min virtual guided mindfulness practice. Helping us connect with ourselves and each other through shared meditations. EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 16.00 (Dutch time). Just click on this link:...

Thriving Life´s Fall News letter is out

Did you get out latest newsletter? If not then you can read it here:

How can practicing mindfulness assist in social and environmental change?

Thriving Life is thrilled to have been invited to facilitate another workshop at a Polaris Inspire & Impact Together event on 26 September. It will take place in Utrecht, where the focus will be on leadership and sustainability. Our workshop will be; Leading from...

Mindfulness Practice is back on

We are happy to announce that our popular Mindfulness Practice sessions on Monday nights will start again in September. However, due to a busy schedule, we will only offer it once a month - that is, the second monday of the month. Our first session will be on Monday...

Mindfulness Practice sessions on hold

Due to a busy spring bringing mindfulness to companies, we have had to put our Monday night Mindfulness Practice Sessions on hold. We expect to offer them again in September 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

From Hygge to Overskud

There has been a lot of hype about the Danish word “hygge”.  In the last year, a lot of books and tweets have been written about the ability to feel cozy, connected and content. Being Danish myself, I am a master of creating hygge. For instance, as I am sitting here writing this blog...

Excellent opportunity for companies; Be part of study and receive Mindfulness Training at a significantly reduced price

Thriving Life, has teamed up with Ph.D. student Maja Majdanac at Open Universiteit in Heerlen, who is doing research into the effects of mindfulness training in organisations. She specifically wishes to investigate the effects of mindfulness on  work productivity, stress reduction, and...

How to help your teen develop Emotional Intelligence

”Nervited”. An emotion you probably don´t recognize, but a word we refer to quite often in my family. It is a word my daughter came up with a couple of years ago on her first day of school after a long holiday. She used it to describe a combination of nervousness and excitement. She...

I am doing NOTHING

“What are you doing?” my husband asked as he found me sitting in bed with a cup of tea last night. “Nothing” was my reply. He looked at me as if to investigate if I was either sick or hiding something. I had no laptop, phone or book in my lap, no head phones on – in fact...

The gift of PAUSE

It is the beginning of December – the start of a very busy Christmas month for most of us. Christmas traditions like baking, cooking, decorating, partying that we want to (or should?) do at home and things that needs doing at work before the end of the year. So, what can we...

Dare to be a Thriver

Are you a striver or a thriver? Do you keep yourself constantly busy achieving things? Or do you dare to step off the hamster wheel from time to time in order to do the things you like or just be – in order to thrive? If so, do you dare to admit to being a thriver?  ...


“Berit was excellent. Her calm manner and professionalism won over the severest cynic (i.e. me). Her soothing voice, sense of humour and openmindedness all stood out. She persuaded me of the need to do more mindfulness. It was an inspiring, bonding and fun experience” 


Participant at a corporate mindfulness training and teambuilding event

“I gained a lot from this MBSR programme, both professionally and personally. As you might expect, Berit has a very calming and reassuring approach to Mindfulness and is able to impart her knowledge and experience in a very positive yet compassionate way. I would strongly recommend you attend – it has the potential to change your approach to life, family and work” 

John Fairbrass

Trafalgar PD

“Berit and Tuire came to our office to introduce us to mindfulness. This moving intro inspired more than half of the participants to sign up for the eight-week MBSR course given by Berit. (…) the course was a success for our organisation. This was a good first dive into the world of mindfulness, and we are planning to continue our relationship with Thriving Life.