Meet Thriving Life

We are Tuire Niinimäki and Berit Lewis. Based in the Netherlands, we offer customized mindfulness based training programs for international organisations and individuals.

Our mission is to teach mindfulness based tools and strategies that enhance individual and work-place performance and well-being.

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“I met Tuire at a Mindfulness class, after a re-lapse of my burn-out. I was a total mess, not having the energy to even take a proper breath. Few days later I met with her for a coffee and shared my story and my “blues”. She connected with me right away and encouraged me that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” trying to share with me her experience and learnings.

I realized that she is not only one of the best persons and souls I’ve ever met, but a deeply spirited and very generous friend, who is there for you when you need it most.

In one of our first sessions she helped me overcome my childhood pains, and be at peace with my past.

Now we are working to see “who the real Doina is”, “what does she love to do”, “what makes her happy” and how to bring all this to life in a meaningfull and happy way for a better future.

I love this journey and I know if I ever get to the end of it, I will hold Tuire as one of my best friends, the one who was able to take me out of the darkest and biggest hole I’ve been in my life. I will be grateful to her forever!”

Doina, Marketing Director

Berit delivered two workshop sessions where she gave a solid understanding of mindfulness and how to practice it through exercises. Berit is an experienced teacher who understands how to engage her audience and communicate a complex topic. It has been a pleasure working with Berit and we can recommend her as a speaker and teacher of mindfulness.

Shell, the outpost